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Making the decision of buying a parrot can be confusing unless you are aware of the right source. GOLDEN PARROTS FAMILY  welcomes all the parrot lovers. Your search for a perfect pet bird ends here. You can buy the best birds and also can acquire knowledge about the birds’ behavior from us. Browse through the profiles of different species of bir


  why are we different


Choosing a parrot breeder can be a difficult decision, and not one to be taken lightly. It’s a decision that can be affected by many factors like reputation, trust, or recommendations

We are different because…

– We place you, our customer, at the heart of our business and think that our customers deserve the best possible pet parrot.

– Golden Parrots is a government registered business. Caring, breeding, and raising parrots is what we focus on every day, all day.

 We are continuously investing in quality breeding stock and specialize in rare endangered CITES 1 species.

– We invest in our facilities to ensure all our birds have the best possible environment and diet.

– We openly offer our 30 years of knowledge and information so our customers can make an informative decision on which parrot species best suits their life style.

– We offer continuous support and encourage our clients to call us and discuss any questions they may have.

– All baby parrots are hand fed and raised in our home nursery. Our nursery is situated in our living quarters so babies are constantly in our view and are exposed to a home environment, creating an emotionally healthy, well socialized pet.

– All baby parrots we offer are from breeding pairs we own. We never buy and resell other people’s babies to ensure we do not cross contaminate our flock or babies with any diseases. Whether you pick up your baby personally or have it securely shipped to you, we ensure you have all the information required to give your baby what it needs for the best possible transition.



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